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Clean cloth, clean acrylic products

  Acrylic is an acrylic plastic,also known as plexiglass.It has good transparency,chemical stability and weather resistance,easy dyeing,easy processing and beautiful appearance.Due to the special material,it is easily damaged during the cleaning process.In particular,it should be noted that the following things happen.

  First,the acrylic temperature will be deformed when it is heated at about 70 degrees.When it is heated to more than 100 degrees,it will soften,so it should be avoided for more than 100 degrees.

  Second,acrylic polishing,if it is a small scratch,you can use a dust-free paper or a dust-free cloth to wipe a little toothpaste,if it is a large scratch,do not use sandpaper to grind acrylic,if you use sandpaper to grind The product is scrapped,and the surface is scratched,it will be even worse.

  Third,acrylic should be scrubbed with a dust-free cloth.Never use any cleaning agent containing granular objects.Do not use any chemical bath to scrub.

  Fourth,acrylic is easily broken,and attention should be paid to surface protection when handling.

  Fifth,the coefficient of thermal expansion of acrylic is large,and the temperature change should be considered when leaving or fixing to leave room for expansion and contraction.

  Sixth,if the acrylic product is not damaged,use IPS bonding glue/binder methylene chloride adhesive or quick-drying agent.

  Seventh,if you want acrylic products to be bright and beautiful,you can use liquid polishing wax and wipe with a dust-free cloth.

  Special reminder:When cleaning and maintaining acrylic products,do not use old clothes with coarse cloth or no longer worn as rags.It is best to use a super-clean cloth or a cloth with good water absorption such as dust-free paper to wipe the display cabinet.Old cloths with coarse cloth,wired head or stitches,buttons,etc.,which will cause scratches on the cosmetic acrylic display cabinet,should be prevented as much as possible.

  To maintain the original brightness of the acrylic surface,you must use ultra-fine dust-free cloth.After cleaning or wiping off the dust,be sure to turn over or replace it with one piece.Don't be lazy and repeatedly use the dirty side,this will only make the dirt repeatedly rub the surface of the product,but will damage the bright surface of the display.