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Clean cloth cleaning laser light path lens

  When the laser equipment is in operation,the optical components are easily exposed to the suspended matter that is emitted in the air;when the laser cuts,welds,and heats the material,the surface of the material releases a lot of gas and spatter.

  When these spatters fall on the surface of the lens,energy is absorbed from the beam.On the one hand,the laser energy is reduced,so that the processing energy is reduced.On the other hand,the long-term high-heat reaction burns the lens itself and damages the optical film layer.Reduces the life of the lens.

  For the maintenance of the laser light path lens,it is best to use a high-density dust-free cloth.

  1.First,first bring the dust-free rubber gloves,remove the lens adjustment frame,mark it,and place it on the workbench in turn;2.Then blow off the stain on the surface of the lens with a blower,prohibiting the use of compressed air;Gently wipe the lens with Lijing high-density dust-free cloth to wipe off the dust.4.Change the high-density dust-free cloth,rub the acetone,and make a circular wipe under the light.It is required to operate clockwise and not rub back and forth to avoid generation.Corrugated ribs;5.Wipe clean with a dry cotton ball;6.Install the lens and adjust the light path.

  Before disassembling the lens,look at the surrounding environment and keep all contaminants away from the working environment as much as possible.The operator should avoid talking above the lens.

  Also,be aware that fingers should avoid direct contact with the lens during lens installation and cleaning.Wear finger cots or dust-free gloves before handling.Do not use suction equipment to avoid scratches.When taking the lens,you should not touch the film and mirror.You should hold the edge of the lens.