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Clean cloth, clean glass cover

  The glass cover of the mobile phone can be cleaned by a mobile phone glass cover cleaning agent(commonly known as P3 powder).In the first step,the surfactant wets and infiltrates the oil,and the surfactant is adsorbed to the surface of the workpiece,so that the oil is detached from the surface of the workpiece;In the second step,the emulsification,solubilization and dispersing ability are utilized,and the detached oil is further stably dispersed in the water.

  P3 powder has excellent interfacial activity and strong penetrating power.It can remove the abrasive,cerium oxide,dust,particles,or oily dirt after grinding glass or lens,glass particles or oily dirt,etc.It has a significant effect on watermark water marks and suction cup printing,and also avoids water droplets caused by the hardness component of water.

  However,since the P3 powder can only be used in water,the use of a dust-free cloth is essential.

  The imaginative electronic microfiber dust-free cloth cleans the stubborn dust particles and water marks left on the screen,and if used in combination with exclusive cleaners,the effect is better and more effective.