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Instructions for using anti-static shoes

  1.Anti-static shoes are protective shoes that eliminate the static electricity of the human body and prevent electric shocks of currents below 250V.This product is produced according to GB4385-1995 standard.

  2.It is mainly used to prevent workplaces such as oil,chemical,coal mine,printing,rubber,medical,purification,electronics,etc.from being burnt,explosive,etc.due to static electricity from the human body.

  The difference between anti-static shoes and conductive shoes 1.Conductive shoes and anti-static shoes have the same function,that is,both can eliminate static electricity.

  2.After using the conductive shoes and anti-static shoes,please carry out maintenance treatment,and need to test the resistance value of the shoes after using for a period of time.If the test does not meet the standards,it can no longer be used and needs to be updated in time.

  Anti-static shoes and conductive shoes are two safety shoes with different functions.The differences between them:1.Anti-static shoes should be used together with anti-static clothing,which can effectively prevent static electricity.

  2,conductive shoes and anti-static shoes when worn,can not be used with insulated insoles,these two safety shoes,the function can not be matched.

  3,anti-static shoes can prevent electric shock below 250V,and conductive shoes can not be used in electric shock places.

  4,anti-static shoes must not be used as insulated shoes.

  5.The ground environment used for conductive shoes and anti-static shoes is different.The place where anti-static shoes are used is anti-static ground.The place where conductive shoes are used is conductive ground.