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Antistatic clothing use

  1.Where under normal circumstances,explosive gas mixtures are frequently and short-lived frequently or exist for a long time and explosive gas mixtures may be present,when the minimum ignition energy of combustibles is below 0.25 mJ,Wear an antistatic suit.

  2.Stop wearing anti-static clothing in flammable and explosive places.

  3.Stop attaching or wearing any metal objects on the anti-static clothing.

  4.When wearing anti-static clothing,it should also be matched with anti-static shoes.At the same time,the ground should also be anti-static floor and have a grounding system.

  5,anti-static clothing should adhere to clean,adhere to anti-static properties,after use with a soft brush,soft cloth,neutral detergent to scrub,can not damage the fiber.

  6.Anti-static overalls should be cleaned with neutral detergent.Do not mix with other clothes during washing.Use hand washing or washing machine to prevent the conductive fibers from breaking.

  7.After wearing a period of time,the anti-static clothing should be inspected.If the electrostatic performance does not meet the scale requirements,it can no longer be used in anti-static clothing.

  8.It is forbidden to wear or take off anti-static clothing in places with fire and explosion hazards.

  9.It is forbidden to attach or wear metal objects on anti-static clothing worn in places with fire and explosion hazards.

  10.The outer garment should completely cover the inner garment.The split top should be enough to cover the waistband and should not reveal the waist when bending over.

  11.When wearing anti-static clothing in places with fire and explosion hazards,it must be worn with anti-static shoes specified in the relevant national standard clock.

  12.Anti-static clothing should be kept clean and anti-static performance.After use,brush with a soft brush,soft cloth and a neutral detergent.Do not damage the fabric fibers.