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The importance of anti-static

  With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of the industrial level,various safety accidents are still an important threat to production workers and high-tech products.They constantly remind us of the importance of occupational safety protection.Static electricity is the main threat to various industries.One of the"killers",the awareness of static electricity prevention has also received more and more attention.

  Therefore,a large number of anti-static products have been born.According to the anti-static requirements of production,anti-static products are also available in a variety of styles,from anti-static products for personal use,anti-static products for production environments,to packaging and transportation for products.All of them are anti-static products.So,the anti-static products industry has a very promising future,because the electrostatic hazard is not only the electronics industry,but even important enterprises such as chemical industry attach great importance to the electrostatic industry.