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Anti-static service cleaning process

  Sorting:After receiving the clothes to be washed,the customers will sort them first and then store them in a covered plastic box to prevent the pollution from increasing.

  Pre-treatment:For the damage caused by the use of the work clothes,the repair and handling of the buttons.Pre-decontamination treatment of special sewage cleaning projects.

  Dust-free cleaning:After the pre-processed work clothes are cleaned by the non-control area through the washing machine of the dedicated channel structure,enter the control area(clean room).

  Dust-free drying:The cleaned cleaning clothes are dried in a clean room by a dust-free dryer(the dried hot air used is filtered by HEPA).

  Folding inspection:The dried cleaning clothes are folded and visually inspected at the same time.If the inspection fails,it needs to be re-entered into the cleaning process to be cleaned or replaced.

  Cleanliness test:The roller(Helmke Drum)tester can test the cleanliness level of dust after cleaning.ESD test:ESD performance check to ensure the anti-static performance of the clean clothes.

  Purification and packaging:It is a qualified product through all the inspected cleaning clothes and sealed packaging in the purified packaging bag.