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Maintenance of anti-static clothing

  Packaging and transportation

  In transportation,it should be noted that the anti-static overalls must have coverings on the top,and must not damage the packaging to prevent sun exposure and high temperature contact;it is strictly prohibited to drag by hand hook during handling.

  Anti-static overalls should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse to prevent mildew and deterioration.When storing,leave the ground and the wall more than 200mm,and leave all heating elements more than 1m.Avoid direct sunlight and do not allow it to be placed in the open air.

  Anti-static wool knitted fabrics must be packed with an appropriate amount of anti-caries agent during packaging and storage.


  Anti-static overalls should be cleaned with a neutral detergent.Do not mix with other clothes.Use hand-washing or washing machine to avoid breakage of conductive fibers.The washing water temperature should be below 40°C,and rinse with normal temperature water.The washing time is as short as possible,but it must be thoroughly rinsed to remove residual detergent.Anti-static overalls with both flame retardant and oil-repellent properties.Do not use bleach or organic solvents to decontaminate.