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What are the precautions for anti-static shoe cleaning?

  1.Before cleaning the anti-static shoes,be sure to choose a clean and dust-free environment.If it is cleaned in an ordinary environment,it will absorb airborne dust and only carry out a second pollution.Also check the shoes before cleaning.If the shoes are damaged,they should be repaired and cleaned,or replaced directly!

  2.Anti-static shoes can't be cleaned with other garments,and can't be cleaned with chemical detergent.Because of the phenomenon of fading,it is recommended to use neutral detergent for cleaning and brush with soft brush or cotton cloth.

  3.When the anti-static shoes are cleaned,the water temperature should be kept at about 40°C.It is not possible to scrub vigorously,which will damage the conductive fibers of the anti-static shoes and affect the anti-static properties of the shoes.After cleaning,a large amount of water should be used for cleaning,leaving the remaining The detergent is rinsed clean,and the cleaning time should not be too long!